Your Health and Well Being are Important to us.

Our Services include

  • Custom orthotics
  • Walk on massage therapy
  • Whole life fitness and well being


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In customizing the shoe to the person with orthotic inserts, the result is "one complete balance" unique to that person for their specific shoe wear and posture. Ball, joint and muscle manipulation for proper GAIT and posture is available on an appointment basis.

Randy is highly informed and educated on ways to improve your health and well-being. He has over 28 years experience in this field. You can put your trust in our professional and experienced team.

Do you have problems in keeping your balance? Do your feet hurt?


This can be a result of various easily resolved foot problems:

Bunions / Heel Pain / Pes Planus / Plantar Fasciitis / Hammertoes / Ankle Valgus / Calluses / Pes Cavus / Ankle Varus...


Many of these conditions can be mitigated if done in the right way, Trust your feet to an experienced professional. All of our orthotics are made with top quality materials on our fully equipped premises including video gait analysis, WRPA or foam impression casting and hand carved casts for a perfect fit.


Our work is accepted by most insurance companies just be sure to check first as the policies differ.


Will it work?


You will feel an instant relief after on a short while wearing your inserts. they can be fitted for any age and includes sandals and for women high heels. We make the perfect orthotic for any shoe which you can wear without pain.


What about the whole body?


In addition to orthotics we offer a balanced approach and a pathway to wellness providing fast relief from muscle aches and stiffness. Nothing beats the feeling of having your back walked on by a master. Try our ancient Thai deep tissue massage. immediate effectiveness is guaranteed.

How does a walk-on massage work?


Back-walking is an ancient Asian skill where I use a combination of focused and broad pressure. I start my work with a chair massage which allows a warming up of the muscles and stimulates the merve endings.The legs have a longer range of movement which means I can apply consistent deep pressure throughout much longer spanning strokes. I use long gliding strokes down the length of the back just to the sides of the spine or shorter strokes radiating out from the sides of the spine to achieve fast release and relief from built up knots.


Working on discrete pressure points, with carefully applied focus, your back muscles will feel relaxed and invigorated. The pressure and weight applied is controllable because I hold on canes the whole time making it completely safe.  My powerful therapy not only has the ability to quickly resolve back pain and improves overall wellness but ultimately it can bring about real structural change to improve posture.To both relax and invigorate tired and stressed muscles in the back, buttocks and legs we work the muscle on either side of the spine without actually putting direct pressure on the spine, this provides instant hip release, and stretching and pressing to relieve knots,


Why don't you give it a try, this is your pathway to wellness. If your body needs more we will find the right deal for you and I will give you some secret tips to improve your posture in every day life. I am also a specialist in ball stretching techniques.

Are you interested in a personal consultation?

Just give us a call at 613 700-8404  or send us an email.